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Invisible China Restoration

My name is Marron Cheshire and I have been a professional china restorer since 1990. I specialise in the highest quality of repairs and restorative work of antique and new china items.

Ceramics I work on include porcelain, stoneware, terracotta and resin items including collectibles, heirlooms and your sentimental treasures. Specialising in invisible china restoration, I work from my private studio in Berkshire, UK.

China Repair Quotes

Request your china restoration quote by contacting me, Marron Cheshire, and I'll be happy to help. (Please note: I have long waiting list).

Please provide clear colour photos of your damaged piece/pieces with dimensions of the 'original' sized item where possible. Restoration timescales are dependent on the size and condition of your piece. See my china repair quote checklist for more information.

Private, Trade and Insurance work undertaken - all enquiries welcome.

China Repairs Process

The china repair process can be a long one... I will first check all broken pieces are present, then I will carefully clean them; removing any old adhesive residues. After the cleaning process your broken item/s are then assembled and glued together carefully using specialist adhesives. Cracks are stabilised and chips are filled and any missing parts are created to an exacting standard. Colour matching is also paramount so paint is mixed to match the piece and then the repaired areas are re-painted and re-glazed.

My china restoration process includes the creation and replacement of any missing parts to any piece including but not limited to antique plates, vases, lamps and figurines, e.g. missing or broken porcelain hands, fingers, feet, toes, noses, arms, legs, hair, accessories, etc.

Heavily Stained China Repairs

Heavily stained china can also be cleaned to improve the appearance. Just email your item photos with dimensions to for a free quote.

Experienced China Restorer

I am a highly experienced china restorer specialising in the repair and restoration of all types of chinaware including bowls, china dolls, figurines, jugs, lamps, ornaments, china picture frames, plates, pots and vases (to name a few). Over the years, my china restoration work has included (but not limited to) items from the following manufacturers found here at china restoration

Please contact me if you have any questions and would like a quote for china mending.

Expert china restoration and repairs

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I'm proud to share reviews given to me by my clients for restoring their ceramics

Just to let you know that the horse has arrived safely & in 1 piece. You have done a lovely job and it is so nice to see him back. Thank you

Liz A.

Thank you so much for doing such a great repair [china horse restoration]. I know it doesn’t have a great monetary value but is of great sentimental

Deb Herbert

Professional ceramics restoration

Making your treasures whole again
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