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Capodimonte China Porcelain Repairs

Need a quote for broken Capodimonte Porcelain? I would be happy to provide a quote to mend and restore your Capodimonte.

Capodimonte Porcelain Repairs - Quote Checklist

So that I can give you an accurate quote please let me know the following details about your broken Capodimonte porcelain item/s. Please provide clear colour photos of your broken Capodimonte Porcelain with dimensions of the original sized item where possible. 

As each item is individual in size, decoration, glaze and - most importantly - damage incurred, there are certain bits of information I will need to know in order to give you an accurate repair quote.

In addition please provide the following information by email or phone:

  1. What would you like repaired? i.e. Capodimonte figurine of a man on a park bench or vintage Capodimonte vase.
  2. Which part or parts require mending?
  3. Do you have all the broken pieces?
  4. If there are missing parts, i.e. birds, hat, flowers, head, feet, hand, handle, etc please let me know what is missing and I can re-make them for you
  5. Approximate height of the original (unbroken) item
  6. Approximate width of the original (unbroken) item
  7. Approximate depth of the original (unbroken) item
  8. Full colour photos of the item and any broken pieces you have

As soon as I receive this information I will be able to work out a quote for you.

"Looks Magnificant."

The Capodimonte piece looks magnificent and I appreciate you had a lot more to do than you expected!

Kind regards, Chris

How long does it take to fully restore Capodimonte Porcelain?

Capodimonte restoration timescales are dependent on the size and condition of your broken item. Private, Trade and Insurance work are all undertaken and all enquiries are welcome.

Capodimonte porcelain restoration

What is Capodimonte Porcelain, is it still made and is it collectable?

Capodimonte was the most outstanding factory for early Italian porcelain and it was designed and created by the Capodimonte porcelain manufacturer which operated in Naples, Southern Italy, between the years 1743 and 1759. 

It is most famous for its moulded figurines which are now referred to as Vintage Italian Capodimonte Porcelain figurines.

Even though the original Capodimonte factory no longer operates, you will find that almost since the 1920's other porcelain factories in or around Naples may still use the name Capodimonte porcelain because of the original factory's reputation was so high.

Capodimonte porcelain is collectable by many and if you are lucky enough to own a rare vintage Capodimonte Italian porcelain it may be worth thousands of pounds.

I have restored many Capodimonte Porcelain figurines over the years so if you would like a quote for restoration, please do contact me.

China restoration

Contact me for Capodimonte china restoration and I will be happy to help. Please note that I have a very long waiting list and therefore can only accept certain pieces.

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Marron, We feel compelled to thank you in writing for your wonderful work to restore our Lladro figurine. We know you are a little critical of some of

Alf & Carol Blake

The [Capodimonte] piece looks magnificent and I appreciate you had a lot more to do than you expected! Kind regards,


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