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Lladro China Repairs

Need a quote for a broken Lladro figurine? I would be happy to provide a quote to mend and restore your much loved Lladro.

Lladro China Repairs - Quote Checklist

broken Lladro figurine needing repair

So that I can give you an accurate quote please let me know the following details about your broken Lladro china item/s.

Please provide clear colour photos of your broken Lladro China with dimensions of the original sized item where possible.

As each item is individual in size, decoration, glaze and - most importantly - damage incurred, there are certain bits of information I will need to know in order to give you an accurate repair quote.


Lladro figuirne restoration

In addition please provide the following information by email or phone:

  1. What would you like repaired, i.e. Lladro Figurine of lady with broken arm and missing hand.
  2. Which part or parts require mending?
  3. Do you have all the broken pieces?
  4. If there are missing parts, i.e. basket of flowers, hat, head, feet, hands, etc please let me know what is missing and I can re-make them for you
  5. Approximate height of the original (unbroken) item
  6. Approximate width of the original (unbroken) item
  7. Approximate depth of the original (unbroken) item
  8. Full colour photos of the item and any broken pieces you have

As soon as I receive this information I will be able to work out a quote for you.

"Highly recommend."

Dear Marron, Thank you again for your work in restoring the lovely Lladro bird. We are very pleased with the work and the bird is back on the mantelpiece where we are admiring it. I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

Kindest regards, Jamila

How long does it take to fully restore a broken Lladró figurine?

Lladro restoration

Restoration timescales are dependent on the size and condition of your broken Lladró porcelain. Private, Trade and Insurance work are all undertaken and all enquiries are welcome.

Where does Lladró come from and is this type of china ornament collectable?

Lladró is a handmade porcelain art and figurines company founded in 1953. The porcelain designers, manufacturers and distributors were started by three brothers Juán, José and Vicente Lladró in the village of Almàssera, near Valencia in eastern Spain. 

Here they made their first plates, vases and ceramic figures inspired by the great European manufacturers of Meissen, Sèvres and Capodimonte.

Their art is highly treasured around the world with many admirers having vast collections of figurines and sculptures. They are well known for the modelling of flowers and the complex treatment of tulle in the creations.

I have restored many Lladro figurines and ornaments including birds and animals over the years so if you would like a quote for restoration, please do contact me, Marron Cheshire and I will contact you back as soon as I can.

China restoration

Contact me for Lladro china restoration and I will be happy to help. Please note that I have a very long waiting list and therefore can only accept certain pieces.

China Restoration Gallery

You're welcome to view a selection of the ceramics I've repaired over the years


I'm proud to share reviews given to me by my clients for restoring their ceramics

Hi, Parcel received. Very impressed with our [broken Lladro elephant trunk] repair. Many thanks


Hi Marron, Just to let you know my [Beswick Horse] repair arrived safely this morning. Thanks again for another amazing job.


Professional ceramics restoration

With a passion for restoration and conservation of ceramics and china, I welcome both private and museum status projects
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