China Restoration Reviews Received

Always striving for invisible mends for china, I am very pleased to display some of the testimonials and china restoration reviews received from my customers. Each piece of china was a joy to restore.

Repair of two Beswick flying ducks

Marron thank you so much for flawless repairs... you are SO talented!! I honestly couldn't see the repairs at all. You are a very clever woman! 
My nephew also sends his thanks. Bless you for helping 💞🙏

Kind regards, Honora Bohan

China fruit bowl repairs

This broken china fruit bowl was a very old French made fruit bowl which was a family keepsake and after restoration it looks fantastic!

"Hi Marron, Just wanted to say a big thank you for the repair to my fruit bowl. It’s brilliant; can’t believe you’ve managed to do such a fantastic job. Looks just as it was!"

China bowl restoration

Beswick-style 'Horse with Rider' china repairs

Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
I have very recently had a horse & rider ornament repaired. One of the horse's leg had in the past a very bad repair and the red coat of the rider had faded badly. Marron has done an amazing job. The old repair has been expertly re repaired, the red coat now looks like new. I cannot praise the quality & standard of work enough. Especially as this ornament was over 60 years old. Marron Cheshire is also very reasonably priced. I had quotes from some other china repairer's and I think they thought they were quoting for a Ming Vase repair, as the prices were so very high.
I very highly recommend this lady for any china repairs you may have.

Susan & Martin

Zeuthen Keramik ‘Edith’ Teapot and Jug restoration

Dear Marron, It was a pleasure to see you yesterday.  I am very pleased with the restoration of the [Zeuthen Keramik] "Edith" teapot and jug - they look very fine sitting on the shelf again.  Thank you again so much for your skilled [restoration] work!

Richard Baines, London

Beswick china restorer

Marron has done amazing repairs on my Beswick Huntsman figures. I have used her before, and will not hesitate to use her again if necessary, nor will I have any worries in recommending her service in the future. The legs on the horses are particularly vulnerable to breaks, but they have been given a new lease of life and you really cannot see the repair. The service was fast, efficient, and friendly, and the quality of work, second to none.

Marilyn Southgate

Repair of Beswick Horse

Hi Marron, Just to let you know my [Beswick Horse] repair arrived safely this morning. Thanks again for another amazing job.


Lladro "Mother & Child" restoration

Hi, Thank you - I meant to respond to say everything has arrived safe and sound. Thank you for the work you have done, I am very pleased.  

With best wishes, Tracy

China candlestick repairs

Dear Marron, Thank you so much - I have just received it and it looks amazing.  I cannot work out which of the two candle holders has been mended.

With kind regards, Colleen

Lladro repair of Gres Figurine, Dress Rehearsal

Lladro dress rehearsal broken figurine

Lladro dress rehearsal figurine repaired

Marron, We feel compelled to thank you in writing for your wonderful work to restore our Lladro figurine. We know you are a little critical of some of what you achieved but for us it is nothing but miraculous given the damage I managed to impart on this figurine that means so much to us.

We have attached 2 photos of the figurine now mounted on it’s platform, both commanding and complementing our marble fire place. Unfortunately, the photos do not demonstrate how complementary the figurine is to the marble colouring.

We so enjoyed meeting ,chatting and marvelling at your skills and patience and send our very sincere complements and best wishes.

Alf & Carol Blake

Han Dynasty figurine repair

Marron, This is just to confirm that our [Han Dynasty] figure has arrived this morning, safe and sound. She looks really good and is clearly happy to be reunited with her musician friends. Thanks for doing such a nice job on her!

Kind regards, Michael

Han dynasty musician figurines

China horse repairs

Good morning Marron, We received “The Horse” yesterday safe and sound, the repair looks amazing,  a true craft person that you are. It has a lot of sentimental value so once again Thankyou.

Yours sincerely Mick

Ornament repairs

Dear Marron, Thank you so much for the work you did to repair my 2 loved ornaments. I am absolutely thrilled with them and it is so lovely to have them back to how they were when I first received them.

You are very talented.
With grateful appreciation, Joan Humphreys

Large Lladro figurine renovation

Dear Marron, I have just received my Lladro ornament. You have done a fantastic renovation. Thank you very much.

Regards, Robert

Broken plate clock repairs

Dear Marron, I have just got home with ‘Lottie’s Clock’ and Chrissie and I are absolutely thrilled with the result of your splendid repair work. Thank you so much again for restoring this what will be a family heirloom. It was lovely meeting you.

Stay safe. Kind regards. Trevor.

Royal Doulton Flambe Bull Dog repairs

He has arrived - fantastic job. Many thanks

Regards, Kev

Repair of Beswick 'Indian on Horse'

Beswick Indian on horseHi Marron

I confirm safe receipt of my horse which arrived a few minutes ago. Very many thanks for the wonderful restoration.

I am absolutely thrilled with the result which is worth every penny paid - such a perfect finish to it.

This is of great sentimental value to me as it belonged to my father who died in 2005 who had a great interest in the Native North American people.

Once again thank you very much. I will certainly recommend you to any tentative enquiries I may receive.

Very sincerely,

Pat Isaac

Lladro figurine repairs 'Fishing with Grandfather'

A superb repair, many thanks. Stay well.
Regards, Dave

Jul Fest 1940 platePrisoner of war ceramic plate, 1940

Hello Marron,

The ceramic plate* arrived yesterday, I am surprised on how good the colour match is, mind being the plate has no colour you as a restorer might find this better than having to match different colours.

Thank you very much for the excellent work, William

* This plate is a JulFest plate made by prisoners of the Germans in the concentration camps in 1940

Broken chess piece restoration (6.5 inches tall)

Thanks for the chess pieces; look like new - wonderful job.
Peter S.

Enid Pankhursts Broken china plate

What an amazing job! Thank you so much. 

I am gobsmacked!!!

Best wishes, Niki

Beswick Shire Horse restoration

I would just like to say a huge big thank you Marron, for your amazing repair of my mother's Beswick Shire horse.

From my initial enquiry right through to collection you have been so kind and considerate. This piece has such a sentimental attachment to it and you remembered this, and worked hard to get it back to me for my mother's 80th birthday. 

It has been a particularly hard year, with the loss of my dad and mum said 'he would have loved to see how it looks now, he would be chuffed'. My mum was truly touched and amazed, it is now back pride of place to be enjoyed once more. 

Thank you truly so much. Take Care.

Emma x

Beswick china mending by Marron Cheshire

Beswick china mending by Marron Cheshire

Broken doll restoration

Hi Marron, Received the doll [restoration] back and the repair you have done is first class. A testimony to your skills. Would be pleased to endorse your work at any time.

Thanks Again, Stan
CEO, Nova Interiors

Restoration of Lladro figurines

Hello Marron, I received the restored Lladro lamplighter figurine today.Thanks so much for an excellent job. If I have to call upon your [china restoration] skills any time in the future, I would not hesitate to do so.

Thanks again, Kind regards, J. Berryman

Beswick Animals china restoration

Dear Marron, Just to let you know the parcel arrived this morning. Absolutely thrilled. You've done a fantastic job [with restoration of Beswick china animals]. Particularly pleased with the deer, as it was my Nan's.

Thanks again, Sarah

Beswick 'Fish' restoration

Dear Marron, The [Beswick] Perch has just arrived. You have done a marvellous job [repairing broken beswick fish with broken tail]. It is as new. So glad I chose you off the internet and I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your skills to my friends and colleagues.

Thank you and goodbye for now. David - Wales

Lladro 'Chef' figurine restoration

Good morning Marron, Thank you for the repair on my [Lladro] Chef figurine - it has arrived safely yesterday. I have just arrived home to find him looking fantastic. I will certainly recommend your [china restoration] services to anyone I know in the future.

Thank you again. Chris - Gravesend, Kent

Lladro horse repairs

Hi Marron, Having opened the [Lladro] horse box, may I say that I am absolutely delighted with your [Lladro china] restoration! Thank you so much. So grateful for your skills - will send pictures later of my other Lladro for you to have a look at. I really appreciate the work you have done.

Kind Regards, Janos - Ayrshire Scotland

Broken terracotta restoration of family heirloom

Hello Marron, Our restored [terracotta] figurine arrived safely today and we are delighted with the results of your expertise, thank you so much.

Best regards, Mike and Chris - Isle of Wight

Doulton china repairs

Hi Marron, [restoration of Doulton china] package arrived safely today and I am delighted with the repair.    Now when we look at it there is not a white bit showing, and it can now be placed where other people can see it.

Thanks again, Edith

Repair of Capodimonte figurine of Napoleon

Hi Marron, Just wanted to say thank you again for the great job you did on my Capodimonte Napoleon repair, I’m really pleased with the outcome, thank you ??. My wife has a Minton Parion figure which she wonders, do you work on the repair of these?

Kind regards, Derek

Lladro china repairs

Good morning Marron, my repaired Lladro china arrived yesterday. I can’t thank you enough. It is just perfect.

Kindest regards, Jackie

Lladro restoration

Morning Marron, My sincere thanks, Lladro [restoration] has arrived safe & sound this morning. I am sure my dear parents will be looking down & be pleased to see the first piece restored.
Kind regards, Sally

China repairs of Lladro Bird

Dear Marron, Thank you again for your work in restoring the lovely Lladro bird. We are very pleased with the work and the bird is back on the mantelpiece where we are admiring it. I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

Kindest regards, Jamila

Lladro figurine restoration

Hi there Mrs Cheshire, The [restored Lladro figurine] parcel arrived safely today at 11.15 and looks absolutely fabulous. Thank you once again for your work in restoring a piece of great sentimental value as well as a lovely object.

Mr & Mrs English

Aldermaston pottery restoration

Dear Marron, Many thanks indeed. You’ve done wonderful [Aldermaston Pottery repairs] work on the Kingfisher [by Anne Gordon (Lady Aberdeen)] and I am hugely grateful. It hasn’t looked so completely intact for years.

Nick Caiger-Smith (son of Aldermaston Pottery founder, Alan Caiger-Smith)

Lladro restoration of Nao porcelain painter

Thank you for the repair you did recently on the [Lladro] Nao painter. It is perfect and cannot believe how it is now after repair and the state it was in when I sent it to you.


Mary Wondrausch plate repairs

Dear Marron, How lovely to see you this morning to pick up my beautifully restored Mary Wondrausch plate, thank you so much - what would we all do without you!!

Kind regards, Julie

Vase restoration and repair

Hi Marron, Many thanks for the amazing [china restoration] work on the vase. It looks fabulous. If there's any website or reviewing service where you'd like me to leave feedback I'd be very happy to leave a very positive review. 

Best, Richard 

Broken 1930s Moriyama figurine from Japan - mended

Hi Marron, [Vintage Moriyama] Figurine received yesterday. It looks great. Brought a smile to my face to see it back to how I always remember it. I think my grandmother would be pleased too.

Many thanks, Terry

Damaged Lladro figurine repairs

Thank you very much for a great job [repairing broken Lladro figurine]. She is now back in her display case. Once again, thank you for your excellent service and expertise.

Regards, F.D. Billson

Beswick restoration

Hi Marron, thank you so much for the Beswick restoration. It arrived safely this morning, and far exceeded my expectations. This china has been in our family since 1962 when my father bought it, and he has long since passed away so I have been the lucky recipient of it. It is lovely to see the set all together again.

Once again many thanks. Marilyn

Lladro figurine mends

Dear Marron, Many thanks again for a job well done! [mending a Lladro figurine of a kneeling Thai dancer] I'm delighted and will gladly recommend you. Be well!


Broken pottery mug repairs

Dear Marron, The [broken pottery] mugs have arrived here safely today and my Director is delighted with them. You are a magician! 

Joss, Patient Connect Ltd

Lladro china repairs

I have received the Lladro [china repairs] which has been expertly repaired. 

Many thanks, M. Pollock

Clarice Cliff Gibraltar plate restoration

Hi Marron, Just to let you know that the [Clarice Cliff Gibraltar] plate arrived safely today, and I must say that I am very delighted with the results. You have done a wonderful restoration, thank you!!

Kind regards, Chris

Repair of broken china dog figurine

Marron, [repaired china] spotty dog arrived safely, thank you for repairing her. She looks great.

Have a good Christmas, Caroline

Decorative tile repairs

Hi Marron, I collected the [decorative] tile today and just wanted to thank you for doing such an amazing job! I was so nervous opening the box for what it might look like but I'm absolutely astounded at how good the repair is. I know where to look and I can hardly see the old cracks. I know it's not the valuable antiques you're probably used to dealing with but it was invaluable to me and I appreciate you putting such care and attention into the [decorative tile] repair

Thanks again, Dianne

Broken Lladro elf repairs

Hi Marron, I received my Lladro back today many thanks. Your [Lladro repair] work is absolutely amazing, I am so delighted. I never thought I would see my little elf with her paint brush in one piece ever again. Your attention to detail is outstanding words cannot express how pleased I am.

Thank you so much, Kind regards, Sally G.

Broken Lladro penguin repairs

Marron, you are a genius. The [Lladro] penguin is perfect. Better than new. I can’t thank you enough. Hopefully now I can return to a normal life and not be living on egg and chips.

Thanks again. Best Regards, Alistair

Broken Toby Jug repairs

Dear Mrs Cheshire, Just a line to let you know that I have received the parcel from you and that I’m really delighted with your restoration of Mr Toby. He has been taken under the wing of my 92 year old father, a wartime RAF veteran, and is now residing peacefully by the sea at Birchington-on-Sea, Kent. I shall certainly send any further ceramic items that I find that are in need of restoration. I’ve currently got my eye on an old brown ceramic Blackamoor Tobacco Jar for Turkish tobacco with a few chips.

Many thanks, Paul H.

Broken Poole Pottery Barbara Linley Adams Canada Goose Repairs

Thank you Marron, have received [repaired Poole Pottery Barbara Linley Adams Canada Goose] and all in good order. Guess you get fed up with clients telling you what a great restoration you have done so please excuse me telling you again!
Best Wishes, Mervyn

Antique china plate restoration

Hi Marron, Just wanted to say thank you ever so much for repairing our lovely plate. We are very impressed with the end result. It’s perfect.
Kind Regards, Helen & Julian M.

Best ceramic restorer in the UK!

"Marron Cheshire restores china for people all over the world. She's known by reputation for the amazing work she does for antique dealers, cleaning companies, insurance companies, building companies and everyday people, like me.

Marron restores all types of ceramic (ceramics includes china, pottery and tiles) and when someone (i.e. me) sends here a broken Ming Vase which has been dropped and is now in a thousand pieces with bits missing she does her magic!

She glues it all together (with special glue), makes the parts that are missing, sands it all down and repaints it so you can't see the mend – Marron does an amazing job. I’ve given Marron lots of broken china to mend and I’ve always been super pleased with the results. She'll even remake the china. For instance, one of my precious broken Lladro porcelain figures lost its head and another Lladro figure was broken and had one hand and a whole arm, that was holding a basket of flowers, smashed. So Marron made a new hand, arm and basket of flowers for one and a new head for the other - exactly the same as it was when it was first created! Absolutely amazing china restorer – thank you Marron!  I will be recommending you to all my butter-finger friends."
Best wishes, Mrs Vines, Buckinghamshire

China figurine repairs

Thanks Marron, Parasol arrived safe and sound and you have done a wonderful repair - I'm so grateful because this particular piece holds great sentimental value. Once again, many thanks
Kind regards, Avril

Lladro figurine restorations

Marron. Thank you so much. My [Lladro] monks have arrived back and I am very pleased with the result. 
Again thank you, Jean

Lladro repair

Good morning Marron, Just a quick message to say I've got the Lladro and it's great. Many thanks.
Karen J.

Antique plate repair

Dear Marron, The plate has arrived safely and I am delighted with the quality of your workmanship. It is beautifully done.
With many thanks, Kate P.

Porcelain figurine repairs

Hi Marron,  I have just received my parcel, and she is looking beautiful again. Thank you.

China figurine repair

Good morning Marron, Pleased to report that your parcel was delivered safely yesterday afternoon. As expected the china repair is superb and the china figurine will now be placed well out of the range of grandchildren.
David of 60+ years

China figurine restored

Hi Marron, We have received the China Lady back this morning and are delighted with it.
Many Thanks, David

Lladro mending

Hi Marron, I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say a massive thank you for the work you did on my Lladro piece. You have exceeded my expectations, it looks fantastic!!! It was a present from my mother before she passed away recently and the fact that it is mended means so much to me.
Thank you, Louise

Antique pottery plate repairs

Hi Marron, I just opened the parcel and I am very happy with my pottery plate, it looks perfect! Thank you so so much and I will keep your details and email you if I or anyone else I know needs any restoration. Have a lovely evening!
Kind regards, Christina

Lladro elephant figurine repair

Hi, Parcel received. Very impressed with [broken Lladro elephant trunk] repair.
Many thanks, Chris

Lladro Japanese Lady figurine repair

Dear Marron, Just to say how delighted we are at your restoration of our Lladro figurine. After our ( my! ) Christmas Day disaster, we could not have envisaged such a resurrection. Thank you very much for your outstanding work.
Kind regards, Chris

Russian china plate repairs

Dear Marron, the repair on my broken Russian china plate is superb. It is now perfect with no chips anymore. Thank you. You truly are amazing at china restoration!
Best wishes, Kamila

White china horse repairs

Hi Marron, Just to let you know that the horse has arrived safely and in 1 piece - I have been panicking a bit! You have done a lovely job and it is so nice to see him back.
Thank you, Liz A.

Broken china horse repairsbroken china horses mended

Hi Marron, Thought you might like to see the beautifully restored horses at home, on their new shelf which we bought after leaving yours. I want to thank you again for such excellent restoration, including the ears of the big horse which I had not noticed before.
With kind regards and best wishes.
Diane and Richard

Broken Capodimonte restoration and repairs

The [Capodimonte] piece looks magnificent and I appreciate you had a lot more to do than you expected!
Kind regards, Chris

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